Our mission is to promote Blues Dancing in Italy, and, through it, creativity, inclusiveness, connecting with other people, regaining the ability of expressing ourselves with our bodies, in safe spaces. We are now organizing the 2nd Edition of our Blues Festival in Milan, 14-16 September 2018,

La nostra missione è diffondere il Ballo Blues in Italia e con esso sviluppare creatività, accoglienza, connessione tra persone, capacità di esprimerci attraverso i nostri corpi in spazi sicuri. Stiamo organizzando la 2a Edizione del nostro Blues Festival a Milano, 14-16 Settembre 2018, tenetevi pronti!


Mi è piaciuto l’evento di Blues River Notes per la buona organizzazione: molto più attenta alla qualità e alla sostanza che all’apparenza e per essere un evento di vero Blues; accogliente, gioioso, rilassante ed estremamente figo!

I like Blues River Notes events for good organization: very attentive to quality and substance than to appear. Cozy, joyful, relaxing and extremely cool!


I fell in love with the Milano scene straight away!
The dancers’ passion for learning, the excitement at the parties, the curiosity about the history of the music, the enthusiasm for the dance…everyone really brought their body and soul and smile to both classes and social dancing alike!
I’m very much looking forward to being back in Milano for its first ever blues dance festival. If already a small workshop weekend was tons of fun, I can only imagine how incredible a big festival will be!


Degli eventi di Blues River Notes amo il clima familiare e allegro, nonché alla grande disponibilità di tutti a condividere conoscenze ed esperienze, nel rispetto del vero spirito del blues.

About Blues River Notes events I love the family atmosphere and cheerfulness, as well as the great readiness of everyone to share knowledge and experience, respecting the true spirit of blues.


The Milan scene is friendly and welcoming – as you might expect. The socials I went to punched above their weight – that is to say they had good energy despite their size.


One of the coolest thing about the Milan Blues scene is that this is a group of people who have really grown around blues dance itself, not off the side of a lindy hop, tango or other dance scene. Laura and Marianne have worked really, really hard and pulled together an impressive and passionate community on their foundations. Their commitment is enviable and admirable, and I hope that Blues River Notes really puts Milan on the global map of cities to dance blues in as it deserves to be!
I absolutely loved teaching in Milan in February last year. The students there were so excited about blues, especially about the music. This is doubtless thanks to having one of the best DJs in europe at the helm of their scene – Laura really knows how to thrown down a party, and does so week in week out for her students.