When Laura was 6 she wanted to take ballet classes and her father told her that she didn’t have the right body for it. Luckily she was a stubborn enough young woman and 10 years ago she started taking dance classes, ranging from folk dances from the south and north of Europe, to tango, from balboa to lindy hop and finally discovering and falling in love with blues and fusion. She’s been, together with Marianne, for a long time THE italian blues/fusion scene, until she decided to build one and now teaches weekly classes in Milan. She’s also given skillshares at EBI in London, at Crash! in Delft and at DoubleShot in Valencia. Her latest teaching gigs were a workshop in Bologna with Marianne and IRN Blues in Glasgow with Tristan.
She uses her knowledge about body mechanics to help her students understand how a movement must feel from the inside rather than look from the outside.
She loves developing her classes starting from natural organic movements and helping her students playfully discover their own voice and style.
She’s also an international blues/fusion DJ, and she loves when she’s able to find the perfect match between music and movement.
She’s always been a music junkie and she loved being the one in charge of the playlist in her teens at school and house parties. She loves DJing both trad and alt-blues, the challenge of transitioning from one genre to another, from playful, energetic, “let’s get this party started” to slow, emotional, intense songs, with the aim to take dancers on a journey.
She’s been djing in some of the main European events (EBI, Blossom Blues, Ctrl-Alt-Blues, Fair City Blues, Crash!, Moose Blues, Cider House Blues, Bristol Blues Exchange, The Countdown, Recess) and in the US (Rose City Blues, DJ Experiment).

What they say about her

I had a private with Laura at IRN Blues in Glasgow and it was wonderful! I asked Laura after she gave me a really helpful exercise in a class I was struggling with. I went from feeling hopeless about an area of my dancing to having that joyful ‘aha’ moment – I finally got the feeling I’d been looking for! I’ve since been able to incorporate my learning into my social dancing which is so satisfying!

Laura was great at building up layers, moving from body and technique focused work to playing exercises at just the right pace. She was super patient and kind at the same time as giving me the honest feedback I needed! Laura was brilliant at explaining things clearly and when an exercise didn’t work for me she quickly found an alternative that did to move us forward. She was really encouraging and trusting – it was both super fun and super productive!

I am so grateful for my time with Laura at IRN Blues – if you have the chance to learn from her – take it!

Imaginative and challenging, bringing ideas I hadn’t been exposed to before

She explained everything in such a way that it made sense to me, very clear and concise and understanding to different abilities, she made me feel like I could dance.

She’s so positive and lovely, and gave really specific and thought provoking feedback.

She explains movements very clearly both verbally and by how she shows them in her own body.

She looks like she’s having fun whilst teaching.

If you want to book her as a teacher, DJ or just want to get in touch for any reason, she would love to hear from you!