Blues River Notes is proud and excited to announce the First dance festival
dedicated to BLUES in Milan from 8th to 10th September 2017


Our local community was born only a couple of years ago, but it is made of passionate dancers and blues music lovers who travel all around the world to seek their passion. Milan is the most metropolitan city in Italy. You can find history, art, beautiful architectures and secret gardens; and of course design, fashion and creativity; food, wine but also handcrafted ice cream and beers, served in charming places; live music and entertainment are easy to find in the city. All these ingredients will be setting the atmosphere for our Festival to amplify the magic of dancing and music.

Saturday and Sunday blues dancing classes, with 5 professional teachers from around the world. Vicci&Adamo, Ruth&Mike and Annette will lead you on a journey through musicality, understanding the rhythm, footwork technique, dancing vocabulary and styling movements. You will work both on conversational social dance skills and solo aesthetic and technique, to be able to have fun on the dance floor from the very first step.

3 levels of classes, beginners, intermediate, advanced, to build solid basics or improve your quality of movement up to the next level. A little bit of Fusion taste for everyone. The ABC rules to enjoy an intimate and enchanting micro-dancing when late at night we will switch to electronic indie contemporary music.

3 nights LiveBands: two local duos, because the Italian blues scene is deeply rooted and very impressive; a new emerging band from Bristol, that is conquering all the European audience quickly; an Italian artist living in Berlin with Delta-blues in his voice and heart, who will also play for you in classes.
International DJs to complete the lineup and get us going until very late at night.