The Rising Teacher contest has winners!

# Aggy has been at the heart of the London blues scene for over 5 years now, and loves all things blues – whether DJing, singing, or helping others discover the blues by managing socials like Blues at the Ritzy, and as part of award-winning dance troupe the Down & Outs she’s travelled around the world as a performer and blues ambassador. As a dancer she’s playful and cheeky, and she can’t wait to help others have more fun and experiment on the dance floor.

# Isabelle has been dancing since she was a toddler. With 20-something years of dance theatre background, she couldn’t imagine a life without dancing. A bit more than 5 years ago she discovered Blues, alongside Lindy Hop. The dance with its more subtle movements and isolations took a good 3 months to grow on her but after an AHA moment while dancing at her first Blues event, it suddenly became clear that this would be long and wonderful journey. She loves the various styles & tempos Blues music has to offer, as well as the variety of connections you can find in the dance. She has travelled to countless Blues events around Europe (and recently the States) and has been teaching regularly in Oxford for the past 4 years. If not dancing, she will be found reading about Blues (because history is important!) and organising dancing for other people.